Rieger ~ Kloss

Fort Payne - Alabama, USA
First Baptist Church
2002* OPUS 3720

First Baptist Church, whose building is modeled after Christopher Wren's famous architectural masterpiece, Saint Martin-In-the-Fields in London, England, is the most prominent landmark in this small Alabama city. First Baptist boasts an outstanding music program under the leadership of its talented Minister of Music, Michael Johnson, and Organist Dale Laidlaw. Dr. H. Edward Tibbs, Professor of Organ, Samford University, served as organ consultant and worked with William E. Gray, Jr., of Euro Musik, in designing the specifications for the church's beautiful new Rieger-Kloss. The instrument is housed in a stunning divided organ case of classical design.

Stop List

Unit chest Manual I, 61 keys


Grand organ

D Diapason 16´ Flute Harmonique
V Violone 16´ Holzgedackt
R Rohrbourdon 16´ Gemshorn
B Basson-Hautbois 16´ Gemshorn Celeste
O Octave Principal
M Fourniture IV 2 2/3´ Flute
MD Descant I-III Octave
Larigot 1 1/3´
Zimbelstern (prepared)
Manual II., 61 keys C-c4 Manual III., 61 keys C-c4


Swell organ

Violone 16´ Bourdon 16´
Principal Viola Pomposa
Violone Rohrflote
Octave Principal
Super Octave Plein Jeu IV
Quinte 1 1/3´ Viola Celeste
Mixture IV 1 1/3´ Flute Celeste II
Bourdon Flute Octaviante
Voix Celeste 8´+4´ Nasard 2 2/3´
Koppelflote Blockflote
Trumpet Tierce 1 3/5´
Tremulant Basson 16´
Chimes (prepared) Trompette Harm.
blank stop Hautbois
blank stop Clarion Harm.
Voix Humaine
Manual IV., 61 keys C-c4 Pedal, 32 keys C-g1

Grand Resonance

Open Wood 32´
Violone 16´ Untersatz 32´
Bourdon 16´ Contre Gambe 32´
Diapason Grand Diapason 16´
Violoncelle Violone 16´
Rohrfolte Subbass 16´
Octave Rohr Bourdon 16´
Rohrpfeife Erzahler 16´
Grand Fourniture IV-VII 2 2/3´ Quintbass 10 2/3´
Fourniture IV 2 2/3´ Octavebass
Petit Fourniture IV Violone
Tromba 16´ Rohrflote
Basson 16´ Choralbass
Tuba Major Mixture 2 2/3´
Hautbois Contre Bombarde 32´
Chimes (prepared) Bombarde 16´
Harp Basson 16´
Celesta Trumpet 16´
blank stop Hautbois
blank stop Chimes (prepared)


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