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Our Organs A man who works with his hands
is a laborer.

If he works with his hands
and his head
he is a craftsman.

If he works with his hands,
his head and his heart
he is an artist.

Our Organs

Celebrating over 130 years of continued building, Rieger-Kloss is the world's largest builder of hand -crafted, elegant and enduring Pipeorgans. We construct world class mechanical and electric action instruments, employing the finest materials, merging old-world craftsmanship and modern technology.

Carefully working with our customers, we pay specific attention to the musical needs and the acoustical demands of the Church or concert hall. This partnership insures the success of the instrument both aesthetically, and in tonal disposition.

Our full, rich ensemble is made possible by producing our Principle and Flue pipes with 70% to 72% tin. Warm Strings and fiery Reeds add spectacular color to our many instruments. Casement and façade designs are unique to each instrument we build. Console styles include traditional, choirmaster, French Terraced and others. Modern computer technology allows for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface: allows for recording and playback, additional sounds and other functions), multi memory level combination actions, programmable crescendos, piston sequencer and transposers.

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