Rieger ~ Kloss

Rochester - Minnesota, USA
Church of Saint John the Evangelist
2002* OPUS 3721


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Stop List

Unit chest Manual I, 61 keys


Grand Choir

VP Violonprestant 16´ Grand Montre 16´
S Subbas/Hohflute 16´/8´ Montre
M Montre/Choralprestant 8´/4´ Flute Majeur
V Violoncelle Violoncelle
G Grand Fourniture IV-VII 2 2/3´ Choral
B Bombarde 16´/8´/4´ Grand Fourniture IV 2 2/3´
T Trompette en Chamade 8´/4´ Grand Descant Fourniture 2 2/3´
C Cornet des f0 V Trompette
blank stop
Manual II., 61 keys C-c4 Manual III., 61 keys C-c4


Swell organ

Violonbass 16´ English Diapason
Principal Bourdon Harmonique
Holzgedackt Voix Celestes I-III 8´+8´+8´
Flute Harmonique Flauto Dolce II 8´+8´
Octave Flute Octaviante
Rohrflote Sesquialtera II-III 2 2/3´
Quinte 2 2/3´ Principal
Blockflote Tierce 1 3/5´
Plein Jeux V Larigot 1 1/3´
Cornet des f0 V Petite Fourniture IV
Trompette Harmonique Basson 16´
Corno di Basseto Hautbois
Great Tremulant Voix Humaine
blank stop Harp
Trompette en Chamade
Swell Tremulant
blank stop
Manual IV., 61 keys C-c4 Pedal, 32 keys C-g1

Solo Clavier des Bombardes

Contreviolon 32´
Cornet des f0 V Untersatz 32´
Trombe Majeur 16´ Flute Ouverte 16´
Trompette en Chamade Violonprestant 16´
Clarion en Chamade Subbass 16´
Clarion Doublette Bas Erzahler 16´
Grand Clarion Desus 32´ Grand Nasard 10 2/3´
Cymbelstern Montre
blank stop Hohflote
Flute Conique
Basse de Choral
Cantus Flute
Descant Flute
Fourniture IV 2 2/3´
Fagotto Profunda 64´
Contrabombarde 32´
Bombarde 16´
Trompete en Chamade
Clarion en Chamade
Clarino en Chamade
Pedal Tremulant
blank stop


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