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Rieger - Kloss School of Organ Building

Organ Building In 1992, Rieger-Kloss reestablished its famed School of Organbuilding. Each year, twelve selected students come from all over Europe, and engage in a four-year course of intensive study culminating in difficult written and practical exams. As a requirement for graduation, each student must build a complete organ on their own. All this is accomplished under the tutelage of experienced degreed master organbuilders at the vast Rieger-Kloss factory in Krnov, Czech Republic. Courses taught at the Rieger-Kloss Organbuilding School include: Languages (English, German French, Czech), Mathematics, Playing the Organ, History of the Organ, Physics, Mechanics, Building Pipes and Actions, Acoustics, Electrical Engineering, Technology Concepts, Quality of Materials, Technical Drawing, Economics, and Gymnastics.

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